Episode One: I Think it Would be Fun to Run a Newspaper

Gold Tripping
Episode One: I Think it Would be Fun to Run a Newspaper
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  1. Sabine Norfolk
    November 8, 2019

    Dear Sasha,

    my Name is Sabine and I am living in Berlin, Germany. I was married to an american GI in the 80th, That is why i have an american/english last Name. He wasn’t the kindest man i ever met and after Living with him for 5 years and Living in the US with him I decided to leave him and move back home. Your persoanl Story totally moved me and I am so grateful that you shared that with us listener. I Always listen to your podcast, because I am a huge movie fan and i love your comments and the way you discuss Things is so extraordinary. all I am saying we Need more women like you because you certainly rock. all the best to California from Berlin, Sabine

  2. Caroline
    November 19, 2019

    I love this so much! It really took me back to the cinema-l days and beyond. I knew a fair amount of your story in some fashion, but didn’t follow the Oscar website much because I was never all that interested in the Oscar race. Kudos, this is a fabulous memoir!

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