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In 1999 I started a website called Oscarwatch.com. For the past 22 years and counting I’ve been covering the Oscars. I also raised a baby girl as a single parent. I raised both my daughter and my business concurrently. This is a memoir of those years.

I started this podcast in 2019. I have not returned to it in a long while, mainly because so much in Hollywood and in my own life has changed. But I am at long last ready to return to it. 1999-2013 are locked in. We begin again with 2014.

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A year-by-year personal and professional accounting of the past 22 years covering the Oscar race. A project that started in 2019 and I'm determined to finish.


Writer/publisher. I get political on Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning. My 22 year-long podcast memoir on covering the Oscar race is Gold Tripping. Mailing Address: 4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #707 Valley Village CA 91607